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Build Unlimited Custom Reports — Forget the X and Y coordinates!

Designer puts the power back into building object reports. No more x-y coordinates, rulers or guessing when placing objects. The ability to see the report in complete view and drag objects into position makes designing a snap. Designer will literally cut the time it takes to create object reports in half, if not more, saving you valuable time. Our team developed this product as users, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to shortcuts and ease of use.


  • Style Sheets

  • Alignment tools

  • Build multiple student reports on the fly

  • Standard based report cards with ease

  • Paste data to a table layout

  • Input graphics

  • Standards-based Report Cards

  • High School Transcripts

  • Activity Certificates

  • Attendance Letters

  • Trip Rosters

  • More!

  • View the object report

  • Drag and drop editing

  • Load custom fields and codes

  • Build components to use over and over

  • Save favorites

  • Transcript Wizard

Be the Hero In Your School

With Designer you can quickly create and modify object reports.  Reports that took hours and even days can now be done in minutes.

System Requirements


  • Windows 7 or greater


Contact us to get started!


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