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ClassChoice gives counselors power to manipulate schedules quickly and easily without worrying about dates, prerequisites, or special lists. You can allow parents and students to do the schedule themselves.


It's never been easier to extract, visualize, and share your PowerSchool data!


With SchoolDex you can eliminate the headache of physically preparing student contact lists for emergencies. You’ll have access to all your documents even if the electricity, wifi or cellular coverage is not available during the emergency.


With SchoolForms you can eliminate the double entry and mounds of student registration paperwork.


The perfect Object Report builder for PowerSchool — say goodbye to x,y coordinates!

PS Vault

With PS Vault you can eliminate the headache of physically retrieving archived student documents. You’ll have access to thousands of documents.


With Emailer you’ll quickly rise to hero status as parents fall in love with the new email format. Administrators and staff will be duly impressed with the informative reports that arrive in their in-box on a regular schedule.


With Ontime you’ll quickly become the hero as parents fall in love with the ability to excuse their child. Teachers benefit by removing the tedious part of taking attendance.

Current customer? Download product installers here.

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