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How schools take and manage attendance has not changed in the past 25 years. Phoenix Learning Systems has dramatically changed how schools deal with attendance.  Our OnTime© software tackles the two hardest processes of taking and managing attendance.

First, the status quo of taking attendance is for the teachers is to log on to a system and select the class or period and manually look or call the students on a list and mark them present, absent or tardy. The issue with this teacher-auto present system is that if the teacher forgets or does not take attendance, the students are presumed present, which they may no be.

Secondly, schools waste a great deal of time and energy excusing unexcused absences. The secretary daily calls parents for the reason of an absence, this is repeated all day, everyday.  Our OnTime system provides a way for each unexcused absence to be texted to the designated parent allowing them to excuse the absence.


  • Seamless integration with PowerSchool®

  • Puts the responsibility on the student to manage their own attendance.

  • Allows parents to excuse unexcused absences from their mobile device.

  • Presumes students are absent instead of present, requiring them to scan to park present.

Be the Hero In Your School

With OnTime you can eliminate the busy paperwork of attendance and empower your students and parents to make a difference.

System Requirements



  • SSL (HTTPS) included

  • 24×7 Monitoring

  • Daily Backups



  • Windows 7 or greater

  • Windows Server 2008R2 or greater

  • Mac OS X 12.x or greater


A yearly subscription is only $4 per student, that includes setup and support.

Hardware required, purchased separately.

Contact us to get started!


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